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Improvement Plan English


Four Masters National School

Improvement Plan for English.

September 19th 2014

Summary of main strengths as identified in School Self Evaluation.

School Improvement Plan for English  September 2014  - June 2015 and on-going:
Summary of main strengths as identified in School Self Evaluation.
• Pupils, parents and staff have very positive attitudes towards teaching and learning in Literacy e.g. . 88% of pupils said they liked reading and 94% of parents said their child liked reading and 100% of staff said they enjoy teaching Literacy.
• The sten attainments of our pupils in standardised reading tests over the past four years are well above the national average.
• Staff use modern technology on a daily basis in the teaching of Literacy.
Summary of main areas requiring improvement as identified in School Self Evaluation – October 2013 – September 2014.
• The oral language skills of the pupils need to be improved (All teachers felt work was needed in this area).
• Staff feel that the comprehension skills for pupils need to be improved also despite the fact that their sten results for comprehension in June 2014 were quite good.
• In-service needed for staff in the areas of teaching both oral language and comprehension.
• Class libraries, especially at the Senior at Senior level need to be restocked.
Actions and Staff Responsible for same:
• The Aistear Programme already introduced last school year will be continued into the future with our Infant classes – Infant teachers will take responsibility for this.
• Oral language will be a central part of all English lessons and pupils in Senior classes will become involved in public speaking and debates.  These activities will take place both within the school i.e. Fifth and Sixth pupils debating against each other and also our pupils will get involved with debating against neighbouring schools – mainstream and Special Education Needs Teachers will be responsible for this initiative.
• Pupils in all classes from Second / Third upwards will be given the opportunity of orally presenting projects undertaken in class, at school assemblies on a regular basis – mainstream and Special Education Needs are responsible for this.
• In-service will be sourced for all staff in the areas of oral language and comprehension – principal will source the in-service.
• The Libraries in our senior classrooms will be re-stocked.  The principal and a Special Duties Teacher will facilitate this.

Improvement Targets:
• That our Junior and Senior Infant pupils will significantly improve their oral language skills through use of the Aistear model by teachers, one theme per month.
• That all staff will strive to improve the comprehension skills and stens of pupils, especially of those who are currently below the sten of five in comprehension – results of standardised scores in Comprehension in 2015 will be compared with those of 2014.
Timeframe for Actions.
Some of the actions have begun already i.e. Aistear.  In-service will be sourced and provided for all staff as soon as possible.  Debating and presentation of projects will occur on a regular basis during this school year.

Success Criteria / measurable outcomes:
• When the comprehension section of the standardised tests of 2015 are compared with those of 2014 it is hoped that the pupils comprehension skills will have improved, – a 5% increase is our target.
• Checklists for oral language will be sourced and used at Infant level initially.
• The plan will be reviewed on a regular basis during our whole school Haddington Road sessions this school year.

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