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Garden Party
Once again Ms. Mitchell and her 4th class organized and hosted a wonderful Garden Party on the 18th of June.   A sincere thank you to all involved in making the party an outstanding success.   A special thanks to all the parents and grandparents who did all the baking, all the children really appreciated it.

Fourth Class
On the 2nd of April 2019 we sowed the seeds for our 2019 Garden Party. If we knock them over that’s the end of our Garden party so we have to look after them very well.  The seeds we sowed were Spinach, Cabbage, Coriander, Spring onion, Lettuce and Peas. We planted our Potatoes yesterday!!  We also learned a few tips on sowing seeds.

• Do not put too many in the pot or else they will all die as seeds like space as they are growing.
• You need to water your seeds but not to drown them.

How to sow a seed.
1. Fill a seed tray with good potting compost.
2. Open the seed bag and take out a few. Be careful as they can be very small.
3. Make a little hole in the centre of the seed pot with a pencil or a couple of holes of holes depending on the seed.
4. Put one or two seeds gently into the hole.
5. Using your finger gently cover up the hole again with some fine soil.
6. Sprinkle some water on it.
7. Leave in a sunny spot to germinate for a number of weeks.
8. Remember that it takes time to grow and care for plants. Some plants require more time to grow than others.
9. Transplant them into our school polytunnel once they are big and strong enough.
10. Then we wait.... And they will grow.... into our yummy food!!

Welcome everyone to the Four Masters N.S garden blog. At our school we are very lucky because we have our very own school garden and polytunnel.  Fourth class have the amazing job of being the Guardians of our school garden and polytunnel. That means we are responsible for looking after our garden and polytunnel and everything that happens in them. That includes growing plants (including different types of vegetables, herbs and flowers), minding the plants (this includes weeding and watering) and harvesting our vegetables and herbs  for our famous annual garden party.

So we have decided to create a blog on the garden as we want to share our garden experiences with you. This blog teaches you how to plant and grow vegetables and other plants and how to mind and look after them. We also teach the younger children how to grow their own flowers and vegetables so we look forward to sharing all of this with you.

At the moment in our polytunnel we have our onions and garlic planted and next Spring we will plant our potatoes, peas, cabbages,  strawberries, carrots and other exciting vegetables and plants. But more about that later!!

On the 24th of October we planted our onion sets  and garlic cloves.

We will tell you how to plant and grow your own amazing plants and flowers. It is fun to grow your own garden!

We already know how plant and take care of onions and garlic. All of 4th class had so much fun planting the onion sets and garlic cloves.

How we planted our garlic

1. You make a little hole  2inches/5.5cm in a fine well drained soil.
2. You place a garlic clove flat side down, pointy side up in the hole.
3. Cover up the clove completely with soil and gently pat down.
4. Make sure each clove is 20cm away from each other in the row and 20cm away from the next row.
5. Water carefully
6. Label with your name and date.

How we planted our onions

1. First you push the onion set into the soil  flat side down, pointy side up
2. Make sure the pointy end is sticking out of the soil.
3. Cover up the onion but do not cover the pointy end.
4. Make sure each clove is 20cm away from each other in the row and 20cm away from the next row.
5. Label with your name and date.
There you have it, how to plant your garlic and onions.

We also have very important rules for our Garden and Polytunnel and we would like to share these with everyone as they keep all the children safe and the plants healthy and happy.
Rules for our garden/Polytunnel

1. No littering in the garden or Polytunnel
2. Be careful with growing plants
a. No pulling of plants
b. No eating plants
c. No standing on beds
3. Keep the garden gate closed
4. Tidy up after working in the garden
5. Put garden tools back in their proper place.
6. Keep the noise down when visiting.

Polytunnel jobs.

1. Sweep ground area.
2. Sweep and weed space outside (concrete area).
3. Take the temperature.
4. Open doors and secure them.
5. Tidy up any pots/tools lying around.
6. Tidy up after working in the Polytunnel.

And remember

Be careful with growing plants:
a. No pulling.
b. No eating.
c. No standing on beds.
7. Keep the gate closed.

Written by: Clara Mc Neice, Sean Mc Gowan, Oscar Mc Ginty, Aoife Gallagher & Steven Mitchell.

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