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Class Work

Something Fishy Workshop
On The 13th of March 2019, a man named Dara and a woman named Kathleen came to our class to do the ‘Something Fishy Workshop’. He showed us about the bugs and the fish that live in the water and the plants that are crucial to them surviving. He taught us about water pollution. There are three different types of pollution. One is algae which is very dangerous because it is poisonous. Another one is silt pollution which is a type of clay which is caused by waste and mud polluting the water. And the last one is blanket weed which is very hard to get rid of and is caused by fertilizer entering the water and making the plants overgrow making blanket weed which removes all oxygen and light from the water.

There was a lot of interesting information about the fish such as the trout, the pike, eel, perch and mainly the salmon. The most interesting in my opinion was the life cycle of the salmon. They go from an egg to a tiny fish called an alien, then to a fry which they then grow stripes, then to a parr when it is two to three years old, then to a smolt where it then turns silver until it reaches its peak as a salmon. He showed us about which bugs and fish like pollution and which hate it.

We then went to the hall where we took bugs out of the water and looked at them under a microscope. We also held a salmon in our hands which was very funny.
It was a very fun and interesting workshop,
Daniel Clancy
Rang 5

Grandparents Day & St Brigid’s Day

On the 1 of February we held Grandparent’s day in Four Masters N.S, which was a huge success. The day before was about rehearsing in the hall for this special occasion. We practiced readings and songs which had to be perfect.

On Grandparent’s day we went down to the hall, it was filled with grandparents and parents. When we started the service, Fr Keogan talked about Grandparent’s day and Catholic schools’ week, We sang hymns such as ‘This is the day’ and ‘Go now in peace’. Children from Rang 3-6, read from the bible, reflections and poetry. Each class performed a party piece. Junior and Senior Infants sang ‘Teidi Beag Buí’, Rang 1& 2 sang ‘You got a friend in me’ from Toy Story. Rang 3& 4th sang ‘Lovely Leitrim’ and Rang 5-6 performed ‘Black Velvet Band’. When the service was over some children went to see their grandparents while others went back to their classroom. In 5th Class we invited our grandparents in to make St Brigid’s crosses. It was lovely learning this old tradition and chatting to the many grandparents who came into our room. The classroom was a sea of green rushes. It was nice sharing stories and chatting to the grandparents. It was not fun having to clean up the room after.

Turlough Kelly
Rang 5

Garda Yvonne Carolan visits Rang 5

On the 10th of January Yvonne Carolan visited 5th class to educate us about her job. Yvonne works in Ballyshannon Garda station. She started off her presentation by showing us all her equipment. First she showed us her hat, she told us it was very important she didn’t lose it because someone could impersonate a Garda. She showed us her stab proof vest and her high visibility jacket. She showed us pepper spray, her baton, walkie talkie of sorts that had a GPS, so  that people in other police stations can see her exact location at all times. She can also communicate with other Gardai, she is able to dial up three numbers just like a normal mobile phone.  After her presentation she held a question and answer session. It was very interesting. We appreciated her giving up her time. She gave us lots of goodies.
You never know some of our class may enter the force in the future.
By  Clara Gallagher                 Calum Gallagher

Marshmallow Challenge

On the 21st of December, 2018, the last day before the Christmas holidays all the children in fifth class did a spaghetti and marshmallow challenge!
We didn’t know what to expect when we saw Ms Daly coming in with bags of spaghetti and bags of marshmallows, a strange combination! We had to build the tallest structures we could with only raw spaghetti and marshmallows but then she told us. We were quite excited about the challenge. We were split into six teams. There were six children in each group. It was difficult at first our structures kept collapsing. We soon started to work as a team and put our heads together to create structures of all shapes and sizes. The tallest structure was about 80-85cm tall. The fun didn’t stop there though, because after the challenge, we got to eat all the leftovers, as in the marshmallows. It was a funfilled last day.

James Mc Gurrin . Rang 5

Third Class Robotics Workshop
On Friday the 9th of November Third Class took part in a Robotics Workshop lead by Brendan Joyce.  The children had a wonderful time and the class is full of up and coming engineers.  Thank you very much to Mr. Joyce for a very interesting and entertaining time.

Fifth Class - Cake Sale
On the 25th of October, Fifth Class in the Four Masters School in Kinlough, held a bake sale for the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland.  Their classroom was filled with an aroma of beautifully baked cakes, buns and biscuits.  They raised an impressive €920.  They presented the cheque to Maureen Keenaghan and Ann-Marie Rooney.  They would like to thank everyone who supported this worthy cause by baking or giving donations.

Fifth Class

In rang 5 we have been very busy learning about "Biodiversity".  Biodiversity is the theme of the Fifth Green Flag.  We are very interested in learning about animals and their various habitats around the school.  We decided we would focus on birds this term.  We made bird feeders and will place them in the school garden and around the school grounds.  We made a booklet of common birds in Ireland and are going to bird-watch in the coming weeks.  Watch this space for our findings ...

Below is a selecion of photos of us with our bird feeders

Rang 5

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